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Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you. Take advantage of our products and services to achieve the best for your project.
Prop Making

Specialist prop manufacturing:

Custom made replica/fantasy props and weapons, set decoration, statues and

specialist costumes.

Mould making & Casting

Mould making service.

Casting and replicating existing and manufactured props for mass production, reproduction including soft's/rubber versions.


Additive Sculpting:

Clay/Plastaline - Modelling waxes - 3D printing

Subtractive Sculpting:

Polystyrene - Chemiwood - CNC machining

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is available in-house and on site via our mobile cutting and welding machinery.


Radio controlled and pulley system animatronics for Puppetry and props requiring moving mechanisms.

LED lighting and specialist prop electrics.

Breakaway effects/Softs

Scene specific effects including blood, stone, smash glass, replica weapons, rubber/softs and magnetic breakaways for stunt effects.

3D Printing / Rapid prototyping

We now have 4 in house 3D printers, offering FDM, for cost effectiveness, SLA for high detail printing and powder based SLS printing for large volume pieces. We can advise which is best for your project taking consideration of cost, level of detail required and print volume, to give you the most competitive rates.         - 3D Printing to suit any budget -

3D Modelling and Digital Design

Digital modelling services for 3D printing and CNC processing.


Digital design service to aid concept development, visual aid, previews, layout structure and end product.

Set design - Creature design - Prop design

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